Best New Pop Music 2020

Best New Pop Music 2020

New Pop / Pop Rock / Indie Pop

Discover the best new pop music From 2020.

Pop / Pop Rock / Indie Pop. Featuring artists such as Alec Benjamin, Lana Del Rey, Bruno Mars, Raye and some great new Indie Pop talents.

New pop music on Spotify

A playlist featuring new pop music and some really good indiependent artists.
Discover some great pop tunes and check out the latest releases on the "Best New Pop Music 2020” playlist.

It's a selection of well produced tracks that you should not miss and are certainly worth listening to.

The playlist receives a new update every month with a number of new tracks to enjoy. 

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New music releases

Stay tuned with the latest releases from the artists featured in this playlist.
We will continue to follow and support them. If they release new music you will certainly find it here.

Independent artists

With this playlist, we will focus on the best recent pop songs and feature some great new independent artists as well.

By featuring some independ artists on this playlist next to the big artists I hope to support some good indie pop music and contribute to a greater reach for these artists.

Of course I especially hope that you will discover some great new songs.

New Pop Artists Playlist 2020

A lot of new music is released every year, also in 2020.
It remains interesting to discover new music and new talented artists. And to keep abreast of their latest work. At least I do love that.

In the playlist “Best New Pop Music 2020” you will find these beautiful new songs.
The playlist features Pop / Pop Rock / and Indie Pop songs.

Turn it on to find the best new pop songs, to get inspired or just to enjoy some great new music in 2020.

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About the author

Ever since I remember, I really like to discover new awesome music and get inspired by new artists with great talent. By having this playlist I would also like to offer them an opportunity to be discovered. Especially when it comes just really good new tracks that just need a little more attention.

My name is Lesse and also in 2020 you can find me on Spotify with my own music. If you would likte to support me, then you will help me a lot by following me on Spotify or YouTube!

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Enjoy listening!

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